CryoProbe Hand-Held Cryosurgery

CryoProbe Hand-Held Cryosurgery

Innovative Cryosurgery

The CryoProbe is the most innovative technological advance in cryosurgery on the market today. 

  •  fine pinpoint spray of liquid nitrous oxide
  •  constant temperature of minus-127 F degrees 
  •  725 psi of pressure to the tissue with precise accuracy

Portable & Affordable  

  •  The CryoProbe is a compact, portable instrument, which uses small, inexpensive disposable cartridges
  •  Small Cartridge (0.3 oz) of nitrous oxide to easily deliver rapid effective treatments
  •  One cartridge can be used to treat multiple lesions on a patient
  •  Very convenient to perform procedure in any area of the Hospital


The CryoProbe is designed using the latest innovations in micro-technology 

  •  Apply the nitrogen with direct, pinpoint precision
  •  Very fine micro-applicators 
  •  Treat skin irregularities accurate to the millimeter
  •  Minimize the possibility of destroying normal healthy tissue

Great ROI

The CryoProbe is a GREAT value!

  •  Does NOT require anesthesia 
  •  Speeds up the procedure time
  •  Maintenance Free
  •  Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)